A case of the Baby Bluesssss

Happy August luvs, It's a new month and ya girl has two blog posts for ya. ❤ I recently came across the idea of doing a series of #Babybluelooks. I posted a bunch of Baby Blue Looks from celebrities on a story on my IG a couple weeks ago, and  those looks served as an … Continue reading A case of the Baby Bluesssss

A Summer’s Night Out

Hello my luvs, did ya'll miss me ?????????? lol jk. Nah but for reaaaaaaaaaal I know ya'll missed me, I hardly ever blog anymore and I hate it because adult life is kicking my buttttttttt. I also have been modeling more, and at times I don't get enough pix to put into a blog but … Continue reading A Summer’s Night Out

A Beach Babe

Hello loves, I finally got to do a photoshoot at the  beach for my blog!! Overall, I'm so content with the outcome and I hope you loved it as much as I did. For the first shoot, I'd say it was bomb lol. So now to get too it ! vvvvv This blog post is for … Continue reading A Beach Babe

Match with me.

School is back in session for me, but Summer isn't over just yet.  Since I am on that note for those who resumed classes, welcome back! I'm sure we're all not that excited for school lol, Summer was GREAT to me and I hope it was great for you all too! Now, I had some … Continue reading Match with me.

So Carefree

I REALLY hope my girls influenced your fit of the day. I also hope you enjoyed my pictures. Just remember to be conscious about what you wear and where it originated from. Soooo stay woke my peoples! Especially when it comes to clothing, if you know what I mean.  I know I wrote way less … Continue reading So Carefree