Mis Pensamientos

I’m all for self-care, in favor of supporting mental health, self-love, body positivity YOU NAME IT. We all battle  some sort of situation in our lives, whether it’s insecurities, a disorder(s), negativity and so forth.  Therefore I will pour my mind and heart out on this page so hopefully with my words and your feedback we can alllll push each other with whatever is going on in our pretty little mind/heart.

March 5th, 2018

Alright ya’ll today’s topic pertains to mental health as well. Now, we live in an era where we are consumed  by social media all day errrrrrday right? It’s also a part of our loves lives, the reason why I mention this is because the topic of “ghosting”  has been running through my mind lately.  For those of you who don’t know what ghosting is, it’s when someone walks out of  your life without giving you a heads up or a reason. It’s kind of like going through a bad break up, and you don’t get that closure you need. Ghosting has become so common, that it’s pretty much normalized; at least that’s the way I see it. But I wanted to talk about how toxic ghosting is. I am also not going to be fake and say that I have never done it, because sadly I have.  I’m sure people have their reasons for ghosting, but let’s not forget how damaging it can be towards the other person. Those who’ve been ghosted probably ask themselves, “what did I do?!” I know I have, because honestly I’ve been ghosted before, and lemmmmeee tell you it definitely takes a toll on your mental health. With that being said we should make it the norm to speak up, and properly let go of people. Tbh, I do admit that there are cases where people might deserve to be ghosted when they’ve done something wrong and they don’t deserve your time of day BUT in the cases that you suddenly stop feeling somebody, LET THEM KNOW. In the end you don’t know what people are going through, so why make shit worse and go ghost on somebody the truth may be awkward, and it may hurt but you’ll be a better person.


January 19, 2018.

Although my blog is ideally about fashion, I do want to discuss certain topics every now and then. I named this page “mis pensamientos” for a reason which means, “my thoughts.” One specific thing that has been on my mind a lot has been the topic of mental health. I am an extrovert and what not. It may seem like it’s easy for me to be so outgoing, and talkative with anyone, but the truth is I do also have my days where I have trouble being that talkative and outgoing Maria everyone knows. Mental health has a stigma towards it where people always think it’s something bad to be apart of. But the truth is we all need to be okay with not being okay. It’s important to hear yourself out, it’s important to credit yourself, and set baby goals to accomplish throughout the day in order to work on your mental health. For example, I try my best to keep busy, but sadly there are days that my mental health gets the best of me and it causes me to cancel my plans. I don’t mean to but at times I don’t want to be surrounded by others but myself. Sometimes you have to tell yourself that that is okay. It’s okay to cancel plans to if your mental health needs that break, but it also good to accomplish something throughout the day to keep yourself going. At the end of the day baby steps matter, and any forward movement of some sort is improvement. – Much luvvvvv -Mariaaaaa ❤