A Retro Touch

   It’s a new year, and I have a new feature for you all!

While driving down Denker, and heading towards Vernon in South Central I found some dope street art that’s worth capturing.  While checking out this outfit, you’ll catch a glimpse of it.

This post features a young lady named Crystal Vasquez who also has a love for Fashion.

She is a student at California State University Long Beach and is a Graphic Design major.

I love that she and I have a similar aesthetic and I had to show it off.

One of my favorite textures of clothing is denim. Whether it’s a denim jacket, or a pair of jeans I love to rock it.

Here Crystal is rocking an amazing baby pink jean jacket with a grey cropped top, blue jeans, and white platform sandals.

I purposely chose a colorful background to complement with Crystal’s outfit. One thing I did notice is that unintentionally, she ended up matching with the color scheme of the wall. lol So it all worked out 🙂

The reason why I chose to name this post “A Retro Touch” is because she styled her outfit with a baby pink jacket, and white platform sandals. When I see these shoes I always think about the 90s.

The baby-pink or (pastel pink) will always be a retro color for me. It reminds me about all the outfits I see in 80s movies like Pretty and Pink, or The Pick Up Artist. But that’s just me.

Crystal wore a perfect outfit for a get together with friends, a trip to the mall, or a party.

If you love the retro aesthetic be sure to follow her on IG, and be sure to stick around because she will be another feature soon! 🙂

Jean jacket: Forever 21

Cropped top: Brandy Melville

Mid-rise jeans: Urban Outfitters

Platforms: American Apparel 

I hope you enjoyed this cute chick in this cute outfit! And May 2017 treat all of us well. Until next time!

Much loveeeee,


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