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“Ooo Vintage”

My favorite outfits are usually those that come out of thrift stores. This weeks blog is 90’s inspired. I’m a 90’s baby and I’m in love with its Fashion.

My entire outfit except for my shoes and backpack are from a thrift store. When it comes to wearing a vintage inspired outfit I rather purchase clothing from a thrift store to make my outfit authentic.

Why thrift?

– I’m a college student who doesn’t have much money in my pocket. I want to still look cute and be able to afford my outfits lol

– It’s good for the environment. Less clothing end up in landfills, and you’re wearing one or two less things that are mass produced.

While trying to aim for that 90’s look I styled my outfit with a floral button up ( that’s actually a men’s shirt) and a blue denim skirt along with white tennis shoes.

There are so many ways one can style an outfit and give it a 90’s look. Instead of the skirt one can wear high waisted mom jeans, or high waisted shorts. Instead of a floral button up one can wear a denim button up, or a  tie dyed t-shirt. The list goes on and on!

I personally styled this with a floral shirt because I am in love with prints especially floral ones and I love how colorful the shirts are that I usually find. I could have styled this outfit with other type of white shoes either white platforms chucks or vans. I could have also worn black platforms and still would have had that 90’s look to it.

Lastly for accessorizing, the backpack I have in the photos is the final touch towards the 90’s looks. These backpacks were so in then, and they still are now.

Floral button up – Thrift store (Out of the Closet) Blue Denim skirt – Goodwill Thrift store White Shoes- H&M Backpack- Unaware of where it came from

but… can be bought almost anywhere ( Forever 21, Etsy, Target you name it. If you want a vintage one hit the thrift stores!)

That’s it for this week’s post! Happy Earth Day 🙂 Don’t litter and conserve agua!

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Photo Credit to Jazmin Soberanis

Pastels Pastels Pastels!

I attend Long Beach State University, and I’ve never taken a good look at like like I did on this day. I took advantage of this photo shoot and decided to explore the rest of Long Beach.  As you can see, this city is beautiful and you’d be surprised how much there is to do here!

Let’s take a look at how the background complements this outfit. The pastel colors stand out with the ocean water in the back, that purple colored wall, and even the sand make these colors stand out.

Now, it doesn’t have to be Easter, in order to rock some pastels. In my opinion pastels go with the Summer feels.

There were two things that influenced this outfit.

1. Have you ever watched Pretty In Pink ? Whether you answer yes or no hear me out. There’s a scene in the record store where Duckie (Jon Cryer) dances to Otis. In this scene Andie ( Molly Ringwald main character) is wearing this really unique outfit where she has floral tights, a white lace shirt, and a light pastel  blue cardigan with flowers.

2. These joggers are from the Urban Jungle, and since they remind me a lot like Andie’s tights from the movie I kind of wanted to recreate the outfit in my own way. I also wanted to incorporate them into a post because they’re so vintage and cute!

The joggers were easy to coordinate with. I had several tops to work with besides the pastel pink top. I could have used a cream colored top, white, and even mustard yellow.  But I chose pink because it was my personal preference. Just like Andie from the movie a pastel blue cardigan would go,and a blue jean jacket as well.

As for shoes, I kept it really causal and wore tennis shoes. To make the outfit dressier some beige or brown oxfords go and to spike it up even more, white grunge platforms would go as well!

This outfit is definitely causal attire. It’s something you can throw on to just chill, hit the beach and enjoy the serenity, hit a museum and feel artsy like the paintings and sculptures.

Now I know these joggers are like a unique piece because they’re a thrift find, but I assure that if  you go thrifting  it’s possible to find some casual vintage joggers like these. Maybe not the same ones, maybe not the same print but colors and similar idea to these maybe yes.

Pastel pink cropped top:Forever 21

Floral joggers: Urban Jungle Thrift Store 

Pastel yellow tennis shoes: Urban Jungle Thrift Store

That’s it for this week’s post. Happy Wednesday& Thank you! 🙂

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Photo Credit: Frankie Orozco, 

Instagram: @imfjay_


South Central

    I believe that every area has its ugly and its pretty. I am from South Central or how others refer it as South Los Angeles. Whenever I’m asked where I’m from I gladly say South Central. My area isn’t the Top 5 go to areas in LA but I consider it beautiful. It’s known as the ghetto, but I still call it  my home. It is a mixture of culture from the brown and black folks creating a community to be proud from.  In my opinion.

I know it’s been a while, “So much has happened in our time apart…Did you miss me? I know I missed you!” I just quoted Jcole for ya’ll. But on the real It feels good to be back. I wanted to welcome you guys back to my blog by introducing my lovely hometown. This photo shoot took  place on Vermont and 56th, as you can see this is a block filled with a bunch of palm trees. It has nothing to do with my outfits but this section makes my area stand out. SO WHY NOT SHOOT HERE 🙂

Outfit 1: Royal Blue sheer Cardigan, with a Turquoise touch to it-Forever 21, but bought at a Thrift Store. Floral Skirt from Nordstrom’s Rack. Black t-shirt that I cut into a crop top myself from a Thrift Store, Black sandal platform bought at Goodwill. Shades-Forever 21

Outfit 2: Crop top (black yellow/orange pattern) from Cotton Candy brand bought within CSULB Campus. Distressed black washed jeans- OldNavy, Black Platform Sandals-Goodwill.

As I wrote this, I was on my spring break and let me tell you the weather was amazing. Clearly Los Angeles has no seasons so I plan my outfits day by day along with a weather app. The first outfit can be worn to any casual event or outing. Cute, comfortable outfit for a date, the beach, to go shopping you name it! I do recommend not to wear this skirt on a windy day (lesson learned) It was quite windy the day I was photographed in this outfit and I had plenty of Marilyn Monroe momentsThe skirt can be easily coordinated in different ways, I’ve worn a crop top sweater with it before the same color as the cardigan to make the little flowers on the skirt stand out. It can be worn with a black bralette, tank top, even a regular loose t-shirt but tucked in. I wasn’t going for a specific style with this outfit but the platform sandals gave it a grunge touch to it. If you’re a 90’s 80’s fan myself then those are your go too sandals as well. A jean jacket can also definitely go with this outfit, a jean vest as well, The jean will make the outfit standout and look extra cute 🙂

The second outfit was really comfortable and I felt really cute wearing it. My body type is not your ideal magazine type but If I can rock this crop top so can you. The key is to own and work whatever you’re wearing. Distressed jeans are my favorite and I couldn’t see this shirt with another color of jean. I tried it on with a black skirt but with me It didn’t pop like it did with the black jeans. My suggestions are to try the crop top with a black skirt, or black high waisted shorts. We all have different bodies so why not mix and match and find out what suits you for a bottom to this top.  Again, I used the black platforms along with this outfit and in my opinion any platform shoe goes with this outfit, either black creepers, maryjanes, or closed toe platform sandals as well 🙂

That’s it for this post, stay on the look out because Maria ya llego ( I’m back) besos!

-Photo Cred to Andy Hernandez

“Hulk Smash”

      I’m supposed to be on “Summer Vacation” and even though it isn’t officially summer, I was expecting some sun this week but sadly there hasn’t been much of it. I wanted to start off my summer break with a new post, so keep an eye out for more 🙂

I always have bad luck on shoots, and I decided to have this one on a  really windy day. Therefore, excuse my hair in most of these photos lol. Now It may be spring, but with this gloomy weather it’s perfect enough to bring out the turtle necks in my opinion.

I’m a big fan of turtle necks, I use to hate wearing them as a kid but now I love them. They can be so sophisticated, edgy, and a little retro depending on how you style them.

I chose to style this long black sleeve turtle neck with high waisted corduroy pants, a black leather jacket and some white platforms because I am always going for a retro look.

Turtle necks can be complemented with many things in an outfit. Not a fan of corduroy? throw on some high waisted, mid waist or regular fit jeans. I personally loved using the white platforms because they gave a pop to the outfit. with a color coordination like this one I say stick to white shoes to make the outfit different.

Instead of white platforms, white oxfords go as well 🙂

And the  leather jacket added that sophisticated style  to the outfit apart from the turtle neck.

This weeks look is nothing special, but it is an idea of what to wear on a gloomy windy day. This outfit can be an example of something “simple” to wear to go out for breakfast with a friend, dinner at a cafe, going to buffalo wild wings with the boo or even to hit the mall with a friend on windy day. You always have to go somewhere in style.

my motto is you can never be over dressed 🙂

black long sleeve turtle neck: Forever 21, brown corduroy high waisted pants: thrift store, white platforms:Target,  black leather jacket: Brandlabel clothing (it was a gift, I’m unaware of the store it was bought from) 

Just in case you’re wondering, these photos take place in these abandon train tracks that are by a wall filled with graffiti in South Central (Los Angeles) Main streets are  Slauson & Normandie.

Again, I have the tendency of showing something that’s considered “ugly” and making it look beautiful. The graffiti has always caught my attention, and  It’s a landmark that makes the neighborhood stand out. So why not feature part of it in my blog.

I love, sleep, & BREATHE LA.

Hope you liked this week’s blog!  show some love, & Thank you!

See you soon 🙂

Photo Credit: Jazmin Soberanis