I’m feeling green.

  Okay ya'll I know I was gone for like over a month buuuut I had to for sure drop a blog this month! I know I have been so inconsistent buuuuuut senior year is really a handful. I do admit as busy as I may be I will always drop a blog here and … Continue reading I’m feeling green.


Why I Stopped “Working On Myself.”

One night during a monthly insomniac episode, something (*God*) told me to look at the old webcam videos on my laptop. Sure, it was a random request; I mean it’s been years since I looked at them, I wouldn’t be surprised if the files collected virtual cobwebs. Still, I followed the voice and what I found were years’ worth of footage documenting the relentless tussle between me and my arch nemesis, love.

Videos dating back as far as 2013 stored long-forgotten confessionals of sophomore crushes and summer internships flings. As I watched, half modified, half intrigued, I began to notice a trend with every single clip: love has ruled my life FOREVER.

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you know my story: I’ve never had a boyfriend… ever. With this reality, I’ve cultivated this space to document all of the woes of my…

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Night Life

  Happy Monday luvs! I hope everyone had a lovely labor day weekend, or should I say #BeyDay because it's the Queen's birthday!! lol Let me start off this blog by shouting out Jaqueline Peña, we had our first photo shoot together and she suggested a street style outfit so here you have a #Denimondenim … Continue reading Night Life

Match with me.

School is back in session for me, but Summer isn't over just yet.  Since I am on that note for those who resumed classes, welcome back! I'm sure we're all not that excited for school lol, Summer was GREAT to me and I hope it was great for you all too! Now, I had some … Continue reading Match with me.

So Carefree

I REALLY hope my girls influenced your fit of the day. I also hope you enjoyed my pictures. Just remember to be conscious about what you wear and where it originated from. Soooo stay woke my peoples! Especially when it comes to clothing, if you know what I mean.  I know I wrote way less … Continue reading So Carefree