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Alright ya’ll I bring to you a little feature post this week.

I’m heading onto week 5 of school, and I caught a cold already *cries* but anywhoooo, here is a lovely friend of mine who’s sense of style I adore. She recently went to Europe during the summer so some of these pieces were bought out there!

Alex Lafoon is her name and here are her go to outfits for school. Now, the weather has been really wishy washy. It’s that wear a sweater in the morning, and take it off by noon type of weather so I know it gets annoying when it comes to wearing certain things.

Now Alex mentioned she chose these outfits because she likes to make a statement with her look.

“The first outfit was me just feeling myself and wanting to look good, actually trying.” Says Alex. “Whereas the second outfit I wanted to still make a statement but be comfortable with it.”

Although Alex likes both of her outfits she says she’ll choose comfort over anything. Thats why the second look was her favorite.

Since in SoCal, even when it’s actually Fall it doesn’t like it, Outfit like these can still get you by feeling cute and comfortable on a sunny/chilly day.

“Fall is my favorite because it’s nice and cool. I like to be snuggled up rather than sweating in the summer. ” Alex adds, “Fall is perfect, you can layer up and drink Starbucks it’s all good.”

With that being said, what’s your favorite season loves ?

I hope ya liked my feature, show some love and keep enjoying these pictures taken by me!

Floral bandeau: Subdued 

Mid-rise jeans: Subdued

Corduroy Overall dress: Forever 21

Striped shirt: Forever 21

Open toe heels: Target

Checkered Vans 

Pix taken at my beautiful campus * Cal State Long Beach.

Thanks for reading!


Mariaaaaaaa. ❤


 I haven’t had much experience writing about men’s fashion, but when I spot a guy who can dress I have to acknowledge it.
Here I have my friend Keimon Candler rocking a pretty simple fit, that’s still dope 🙂

His Jimi Hendrix shirt stands out, & so do his chains. Something he’s pretty fond of.

What’s something that you must add to your outfit? Or something you always wear no matter what fit you’re rocking?

Much love,


Stranded Pt 2…..

I have yet to find overalls for myself! I feel ashamed sometimes for being a thrift junkie, yet I don’t own overalls 😦

But,  I can never find any when I go thrifting so if you come across some COP THEM because they are gems.
Whether you a girl or a guy owning overalls won’t disappoint you.
My friend Keimon here found himself some really nice overalls and I have to say this is one of my favorite fits thus far.
I will continue feature people on here whose fashion sense I adore sooo keep a look out for more features 🙂
Much loveeee,







   It’s a new year, and I have a new feature for you all!

While driving down Denker, and heading towards Vernon in South Central I found some dope street art that’s worth capturing.  While checking out this outfit, you’ll catch a glimpse of it.

This post features a young lady named Crystal Vasquez who also has a love for Fashion.

She is a student at California State University Long Beach and is a Graphic Design major.

I love that she and I have a similar aesthetic and I had to show it off.

One of my favorite textures of clothing is denim. Whether it’s a denim jacket, or a pair of jeans I love to rock it.

Here Crystal is rocking an amazing baby pink jean jacket with a grey cropped top, blue jeans, and white platform sandals.

I purposely chose a colorful background to complement with Crystal’s outfit. One thing I did notice is that unintentionally, she ended up matching with the color scheme of the wall. lol So it all worked out 🙂

The reason why I chose to name this post “A Retro Touch” is because she styled her outfit with a baby pink jacket, and white platform sandals. When I see these shoes I always think about the 90s.

The baby-pink or (pastel pink) will always be a retro color for me. It reminds me about all the outfits I see in 80s movies like Pretty and Pink, or The Pick Up Artist. But that’s just me.

Crystal wore a perfect outfit for a get together with friends, a trip to the mall, or a party.

If you love the retro aesthetic be sure to follow her on IG, and be sure to stick around because she will be another feature soon! 🙂

Jean jacket: Forever 21

Cropped top: Brandy Melville

Mid-rise jeans: Urban Outfitters

Platforms: American Apparel 

I hope you enjoyed this cute chick in this cute outfit! And May 2017 treat all of us well. Until next time!

Much loveeeee,


A Retro Touch

I decided to start featuring other fashionista/o’s for my blog, here I present Jocelyn, rocking a cute and comfortable winter outfit 🙂

This photoshoot took place on 76th and Central where a beautiful mural of Selena Quintanilla is located at.

Mustard yellow is one of my favorite colors to wear during the fall and winter. It’s such a sophisticated color and to me its easy to style with.  My wardrobe shifts from Summer colors onto the burgundy, black, olive green, nude, red, etc for the winter! The texture of clothing I tend to wear the most during these seasons are knits, velvet, and denim.

Jocelyn is wearing a knitted mustard yellow sweater with dark denim, and some grey open toe booties. This outfit is perfect for a date night, or an evening out with your friends! It’s comfy, cute and it’ll keep you warm 🙂

I know lately LA has been REALLY cold, something we locals aren’t used to. But cute oversized knitted sweaters is always a way to go! Knitted sweaters is something that I don’t see going out of style. When I think Winter, jean jackets, knitted sweaters, and windbreakers always come to mind.

-This outfit was styled by Jocelyn herself!

Knitted sweater: Banana Republic 

Jeans: Levi’s 

Grey open-toe booties: Steve Madden

Grey mini backpack: Steve Madden

I hope you enjoyed this outfit, and photo shoot!

Happy Holidays 🙂

Much love,

– Mariaaaaaa.

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