Maria. 21 yrs old. Latina from South Central. 

I attend California State University Long Beach.  I am a Sociology major, minoring in Women’s Studies. 

I LOVE thrift shopping! And, most of the outfits I will showcase on this blog are and will be my best thrift finds.

 I really like being unique and standing out in every way possible.  Thrifting is the best way to attain a unique style, in my opinion. 

Although I’m big on thrifting I am aware of trends, I don’t always follow them but when I do I change it up a bit. My blog will have a mixture of my favorite trends so don’t leave my site just yet lol.

At first, this blog was strictly about my fashion, but little by little I have managed to branch out and change it up a bit. 

You will see feature articles, some culture and my random photography.

Originally I created this blog because I’ve always been in love with the fashion industry and I also wanted to showcase my favorite outfits and thrift finds. I love to post my outfits on Snapchat and Instagram but I preferred to have a platform strictly about my fashion sense. So you’re looking through my closet along with me lol.

I truly hope my blog inspires your outfit of the day and that it makes you feel good about what you’re wearing.

 If you’re interested in how to style your thrift finds, my blog is the one to look up to! I’ve been thrifting for quite some time, so ya girl knows what she’s doing lol.

I will also try my best to promote self love, and body positivity. I am so against body shaming and I know the Fashion Industry makes it hard for some of us to want to wear whatever we want with out getting criticized or feeling “ugly” 

Since I am a college student I am of course ballin on a budget, so I can teach you my shopping ways so you can stay within that budget and not fall behind in the fashion world.

Then again shoes, and clothing is a good investment, lol like  Carry Bradshaw would say, “I like my money right where I can see it, hanging in my closet”

For any questions, comments or advice contact me 🙂


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