A case of the Baby Bluesssss









Happy August luvs,

It’s a new month and ya girl has two blog posts for ya. ❤

I recently came across the idea of doing a series of #Babybluelooks. I posted a bunch of Baby Blue Looks from celebrities on a story on my IG a couple weeks ago, and  those looks served as an inspiration for this specific shoot. I decided to do my own version of baby blue looks, and here ya have it 😉

Before I go into detail about my outfit lemmeee tell ya that this whole fit is thrifted, (except the shoes). So here ya have another thrifted LOOK.

What also inspired this look was the idea of monochrome fits, although my outfit is not monochromatic I’ve been obsessed with doing looks all of one color. I found this bandana like top at a second hand store, as well as the skirt. When I decided to do #BabyBlueLooks I chose to go with this outfit because 1) it’s summer, so I wanted to do a look that would fit perfectly with the season. 2) The skirt and shirt complemented one another. I honestly wasn’t going for a specific look besides the blue, and summer but here you have my outcome 🙂

Since I have all blue, I had to add a touch of white, hence the white cross body bag, platforms, and shades. Now ya know me, I don’t go anywhere without my platforms, lol jk. I don’t always wear platforms, but they’re def my fav shoe.

As for make-up, I really wanted to stick within the blue theme, so I did a little bit of blue eye-shadow. NOW I am not a MUA, but I did try my best with this eyeshadow lol.

Now, I bet some of ya’ll are asking about that mirror, soooo like we deadass found it, and used it as a prop lmaooo butttttt if you think about it artistically it serves as a reflection of how I see myself every day versus how ya’ll see me. Honestly, insecurities suck and I hate struggling with them, like one can be confident asf but still struggle with insecurities, and I honestly give myself props because modeling aint easy, but I do this for ya’ll and for my love for fashion. Self-love is a process, it’s not an easy-one, and sometimes it feels like it’s never ending, but I appreciate any of ya’ll that support me no matter what.

I want to give a special thanks to Ana, my photographer, she is the cutest!! definitely check out her IG for her pix ❤

I hope ya enjoyed my pix, and talk to ya’ll soon, another post is on the way 😉

Strapless Top: Hollister

A-line skirt: H&M

White platforms: Boohoo

White Cross-body bag: Ross




-Wednesday ❤

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