A Summer’s Night Out












Hello my luvs, did ya’ll miss me ?????????? lol jk.

Nah but for reaaaaaaaaaal I know ya’ll missed me, I hardly ever blog anymore and I hate it because adult life is kicking my buttttttttt. I also have been modeling more, and at times I don’t get enough pix to put into a blog but for this blog I did šŸ˜‰ lol

So with that, I hope you enjoyed these pix, and now it’s time to talk about them.

If ya’ll do pay attention to my shoots, ya’ll will notice that I don’t really do a lot of night shoots, but with the way my work schedule is set up I have only been able to do that lol. And, in a sense it’s good because it allows me explore the way photos and outfits may look at night. Overall ‘m pretty content with the way these pictures came out.

When I spoke to my photographer in regards to picking a location for the shoot he mentioned DTLA, so I was like alright bettttttttt. So I gathered an outfit together that would try to fit in the DTLA environment. When I think of DTLA I think of street wear, but I also think business. But since it’s Summer I had to throw a tube top in my fit. Overall my goal was to be comfortable, so I chose to go with soft pants, a tube top and a flannel. When I think of Summer, soft pants often come to mind, you know they’re comfortable, not too hot and they go with any tank or cropped top. I also threw on this flannel, because I felt like the print on it was going to complement the color of my pants, and it actually did. Now, lemmeeee tell you, a lot of times these fits are coordinated the same day as my shoot, and don’t ask me how I do it, bc ya girl doesn’t know lmaoooo.

On a side note, this WHOLE outfit is from a thrift store, soooo like ya’ll need to stop giving these big stores ya’ll money, save them coins, and still slaaaaaaaaay.

So with that being said, let’s talk about my shoes. šŸ™‚ Aren’t my platforms gorgeoussssss? That’s alll I wear especially in the summer. Ā Platform shoes that have that 90’s grunge feel are my favorite!! I also had to flaunt my pedicure man, I got that Summer Peach I hope ya’ll peeped that lmao. Ā But anywhoooo this shoot was fun, my photographer got allll my good angles, and he also edited some of the pix in black and white. Another concept I had been wanting to explore. Black and white pix are equally beautiful as colored pix and I was excited when I saw that some were in black and white.

Lastly, these pix were taken around DTLA like I previously mentioned. Some were by The Last Bookstore (which was my first time going there, *jaw drops*) I know I’m from LA and I barely went, smhhhh. So like we also went to a random restaurant, (I called it a diner bc it had the jukebox y todo,) to take the pix, we also walked around broadway a bit, and Pershing Square. DTLA is beautiful but it is a difficult to shoot there bc of parking and allllllll those people lol. And for my peeps that been to DTLA ya can concurrrrrrrrr.

Alright, so thanx for coming to my TedTalk, haaaaa jk, I hope ya enjoyed this blog post. I apologize for not blogging so often, but I do hope ya’ll will support my pictures and modeling on the gram if I don’t blog as much. Remember my IG is @Wednesdayy14.

And the Photographer I shot with, his name is FrankieĀ make sure you check out his work, it’s helllaaaaaa dope !

Tube top, Soft Pants, Flannel, and PlatformsĀ : Plato’s Closet (Thrift store)Ā 

Gold Hoops: Slauson Swapmeet (In South Central)

Sunglasses, are from @SunglassUp_Ā Ya’ll can use the code”SUBABE06″ for 20% off, all their shades are $10 and you get free shipping so use my code!! Summer is here and ya’ll need Shadessssssssss.

Okay, so that wraps up this post, thanks once again<3






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