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Hello loves,

I finally got to do a photoshoot at the  beach for my blog!! Overall, I’m so content with the outcome and I hope you loved it as much as I did. For the first shoot, I’d say it was bomb lol.

So now to get too it ! vvvvv

This blog post is for all my babes who are ready for summer but aren’t so sure about showing their body off at the beach! My men, if you can resonate with this as well by all means go ahead!

I’ve struggled with self-love for yearsssss now,  it’s a process, and not always a pretty one. There are days I love my body, and then there are others where I just want to go to the gym because I hate it. Self-love is important, but it also takes a lot of confidence and patience. I have learned to love my body, but my friends always give me that extra boost lol. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this on my blog, I’m sure I have but I LOVE Summer. It’s my favorite season, and when I think of Summer I think of the beach, and I know some may be like ehhhh beach = bikini’s = ehhhh I ain’t ready for that lol. WELLLLLL it be like that sometimes. Although I claim to be body positive, I still don’t always feel mentally ready to show off my panzita (tummy) at the beach. But I can say that I am starting to become more comfortable about it hence this photoshoot.

I originally wanted to do this shoot  because of this gorgeous yellow cover up that I came across of at a second-hand store. I’ve been obsessed with yellow so when I saw it, I had to cop it!!! A piece like that must be showcased, especially in a beach environment. Now I swear I didn’t plan to do yellow nails for this shoots lol I had to get yellow nails for a Fashion Show I will be walking for and it all just fell into place with this shoot.

I also tried to do a little yellow eye-shadow, now that was intentional. I am not a MUA, but I did try to pull that off for this shoot. As for accessories, one can never go wrong with some hoops. I love having my hair up, while rocking hoops.

I chose to wear a black bikini under the sheer dress because 1. I didn’t have another bikini that would complement the dress, and 2. I think black bikini’s go with everything lol. I don’t normally wear two-pieces, so this is big for me. I chose to step out my comfort zone, and I was really content. So I  hope you all feel comfortable rocking your bikini this summer at the beach, and remember that no process is perfect. Even I don’t love my body everyday, and hopefully we will continue to be positive in this process and eventually be 100% content with our bodies. At the end of day it’s your temple, and you need to take care of it as well as love it.


Yellow sheer cover up: Plato’s Closet

Top: Forever 21

Bikini Bottom: Amazon

Eyeshadow: Morphe

Aviators: Juicy Couture

I really hope you enjoyed this week’s blog post! My summer vacay is approaching so I will be in touch with you all way more! Until then good luck with finals for any of my readers who are finishing up their semester! Happy studying 🙂

Pictures taken by Ana, (https://www.instagram.com/anastphny/) is her IG ✨ @Anastphny





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