Glossy Pink

Welcome to 2018 loves. This year shall be great for blogging. As I mentioned before it’s difficult to keep up with a blog when you have a million things on your plate, but just know I will always drop a post here and there! So I hope to not lose ya’ll. I’m starting off the year with a new post; a feature post to be exact. I hope you love the pictures, and the LOOK <3.


If you’re a fan of my blog, you probably recognize this pretty lady. Crystal Vasquez has modeled for my blog before. But, If she’s a new facet you then  I recommend checking out the “features/collabs” section of my blog  so you can see more of her!



Crystal is from South Central, she’s a sophomore studying Graphic Design, but as one can see she is a fashionista herself.



When asked what inspired her look Crystal mentioned that she loves wearing black, “I wanted to cover up so I wore this blazer, and stockings so I wouldn’t look too boxy since I have a little shape. Overall I thought it was really chic and effortless.”



“I would wear an outfit like this on a night out with friends or a date with my boyfriend,” mentioned Crystal. Needless to say Crystal nails the monochrome and eyeshadow look of the season.


2017 was filled with many trends that I never saw coming. Kim started off the sweats and heels trend. The eye-shadow game is definitely up there. With that being said let’s take a look at Crystal’s bomb eyeshadow!





When asked what trends would rise in 2018, Crystal said “I think bold eye make-up, glowy skin, and for clothes definitely trousers and bandeaus.” I remember wearing Bandeaus a lot in 2014, and I am seeing them amongst IG models so I can see where that prediction comes from lol.




Crystal  loves doing bold eye make-up looks. Crystal described, “Whether it’s pink or yellow I think it really makes your overall look pop. Since I was wearing all black the pink really helped elevate my look.”





I reached out to Crystal because my first photoshoot with her was great and I definitely wanted to link up again for another shoot. I told myself I wanted to use my camera more, therefore for 2018 you’ll see a lot of me behind the camera but of course in front of it too.   I  hope Crystal’s look inspires your outfit of the day! I know I loved her look, especially that eye-shadow.  Let me also mention that Crystal added glossy lips to her look. One trend I loved from 2017 was that glossy lips came back, but in my book it never left.

And if you loved Crystal’s cute self follow her on the gram ❤ #Womxnsupportingwomxn

  • Black Blazer: Forever 21
  • Stockings Forever 21
  • booties: Forever 21
  • Calvin Klein Bag

Pix were taken by me, make-up look done by Isabel Vasquez ( Crsystal’s Sister) Thanx for stopping by and once again I hope you loved this post as much as I did 🙂

Much love,

-Mariaaaaaaa xoxo

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