Why I Stopped “Working On Myself.”

One night during a monthly insomniac episode, something (*God*) told me to look at the old webcam videos on my laptop. Sure, it was a random request; I mean it’s been years since I looked at them, I wouldn’t be surprised if the files collected virtual cobwebs. Still, I followed the voice and what I found were years’ worth of footage documenting the relentless tussle between me and my arch nemesis, love.

Videos dating back as far as 2013 stored long-forgotten confessionals of sophomore crushes and summer internships flings. As I watched, half modified, half intrigued, I began to notice a trend with every single clip: love has ruled my life FOREVER.

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you know my story: I’ve never had a boyfriend… ever. With this reality, I’ve cultivated this space to document all of the woes of my…

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