Match with me.







School is back in session for me, but Summer isn’t over just yet.  Since I am on that note for those who resumed classes, welcome back! I’m sure we’re all not that excited for school lol, Summer was GREAT to me and I hope it was great for you all too!

Now, I had some extra fun on this shoot. So who wants to play a match with me? lol

I did some shopping earlier this summer and I cam across this black fleece skirt at H&M and I fell in love with it. Right there and then I thought about having a tennis photo shoot so here you have it! One blog post and two tennis inspired outfits 🙂

For my first outfit I am rocking a full H&M outfit, I swear they should sponsor me already, I shop there so much lol. But, back to my outfit for the month of August I chose pink to be the color of the month for me. Although I am wearing black and white I added a touch of pink with these mono sunglasses, my kitty-cat backpack and pink visor.

When I came across this black skirt it looked sporty, and I automatically thought about tennis since the players also wear skirts so that’s why I chose to show off this skirt in a tennis shoot.

Originally I was going to pull off an all black look but I ended up wearing this white cropped-top instead, ( which was $1 by the way, clearance section ya’ll lol)

Since this isn’t really tennis attire I would wear an outfit like this on a regular sunny day. Of course this outfit is more laid back so I wouldn’t wear it on date night lol but I would wear it for a while at the park, a beach day, even hiking (if you throw on some black/white running shoes)! But that’s just me 🙂

  • White cropped-top: H&M
  • Black skirt: H&M
  • Black and white shoes: H&M
  • Pink Sunglasses: Sunglassup_
  • Pink Kitty-cat backpack: Rue21
  • Pink Visor- Amazon

As for the second outfit, just take a look,











Like I mentioned before, baby pink is the color of the month for August. Last month it was yellow, I know I didn’t blog about it but for sure check out my Instagram to see what I’m talking about. 🙂

The main reason why I coordinated this outfit for this shoot was because that cute pink plaid skirt was a birthday present from one of my girls and I fell in love with it then BAM I had to blog about it!

The skirt is from American Apparel and I had found the matching top at a thrift store but sadly it didn’t fit 😦 BUT your girl is greatttt at mix and matching so I chose to wear it with this pink cropped-top and I think the outcome was a success. What do you all think ?

Since this outfit is a pastel color I chose to stick with those colors so I decided to wear my pastel green vans with white socks. Honestly, I think some white tennis shoes, vans, even chucks would have also been a fit for this but since I don’t have all white tennis shoes I went for the green pastel vans 🙂

I really enjoyed this shoot, It was ridiculously hot but we made it happen.

  • Shout out to my lovely friend Gabby Covarrubias for the pix, she did an amazing job and was able to see my vision! love you lots! ❤


  • Pink cropped-top: H&M
  • Pink plaid skirt: American Apparel
  • Green Vans: Buffalo Exchange


I hope you love this photoshoot as much as I do. Comment below so I know you stopped by, I have two blog posts coming soon so stay tuned please.





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