Hello luvs,

Summer is approaching, the weather is getting warmer and I am ready to show some skin lol.  So here the beginning of the Summer Fits I plan on wearing.

Just a little reminder, I luv to have photoshoots in my neighborhood. I luv showing ya’ll the hidden gems of South Central.  This green wall is literally a local window business. So yessss support ya local business and by the way this is on Budlong and Slauson Avenue.

The beautiful colorful compassion and unity mural is across from this green building, so you can’t miss it.

I chose to have a photoshoot here because both of these walls complement my outfit, especially the green wall. I luv both walls but I think the green wall made my outfit pop the most. Also, whenever I see a background that interests me, and I know I can incorporate in my blog I have to showcase it. You’re not just looking through my closet, but you’re looking through my lenses as well.

Now, onto the outfit. Spring isn’t the only time to rock pastels. I know it’s not officially Summer yet but It’s getting hot and I’m on vacation so It basically is for me.

I’ve managed to incorporate the trend of overalls with pastels. My personal favorite pastel is baby pink, which is the color of  my cardigan in these photos. Baby pink is also a color that I have definitely seen as a trend on Social Media. With that being said, How would you incorporate baby pink in your outfit?

Since the overalls have white polka dots on them, I didn’t want to wear too much white so I chose to just wear a white cropped-top under it.  These overalls were thrifted of course, but they’re actually from American Eagle. I absolutely luv them, I’ve never seen some overalls like these and I’m so happy I came across them.

As a pro thrift shopper I say that overalls are a must have. They’re one of the key vintage pieces a thrifter must have along with a retro denim jacket ( both black and blue) mom jeans,  and those floral/printed button ups I LUV to wear!

In order for my whole outfit to be considered a success, I decided to style the overalls with some pastel green Old Skool Vans. Luckily for me these babies were also a thrifted find!  Reminder: Your shoe color doesn’t always have to be the same color that’s in your fit. Sometimes the color difference within the shoe and the outfit is what creates A LOOK.

As for accessorizing, You know your girl is usually simple when it comes to accessories but sometimes one has to be a little Extraaaa lol. Now I was doing it for the culture and I chose to rock my hoops. Now, I feel at my best when I have my hair a bit curled and I’m wearing my hoops.  I know I said not to have on too much white BUT these Kurt Cobain inspired shades add the finishing touch to this look!

Lastly. I’m that type of girl to take a bag or purse wherever I go. I try my best to have a bag/ backpack/purse match my fit.  Here I have a 90s inspired backpack, I know it’s a darker pink but it’s still a perfect match. Since I already have a different shade of pink going on, the backpack stands out instead of camouflaging with the baby pink sweater.

White Cropped-Top – American Apparel 

Polka Dot Overalls Shorts- Thrifted, ( American Eagle)

White Socks: American Apparel

Vans: Buffalo Exchange

Pink Cardigan: Pop-up Shop on my campus ( CSULB) 

White Shades: Thrifted

Earrings- Wet Seal 

That’s it for this week’s blog posttttt. I still owe ya’ll a boost post with a touch of yellow. Stay Tuned. Subscribe below, and Take care.




Photo Credit : Brian



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