Happy June!



Hello loves, It’s June already and that means two things! Well three actually.

  1. It’s vacationnnnn at least for the students lol
  2. Summer is around the corner, ( My fav season)
  3. It’s Pride month. For those that aren’t fully aware Pride month is to celebrate the LGBTQ community! So be inclusive & get aware lovesss.

For this blog post I wanted to celebrate Pride month by showing off this dope T-shirt I found at Goodwill. As ya can see it says ” Gay? Fine by me.” the LGBTQ community needs support and I’m just trying to mention that I am here with them.

I styled this t-shirt with two of my favorite retro items. Floral button-ups and high-waisted jeans. Ive managed to wear a fully thrifted outfit for this blog post. I have soooo  many floral, and printed shirts like this one! They’re my weakness tbh. On that note, What’s your fav thrift find?

I decided to have some fun with my tripod and I managed to get some good pictures with that alone. This is in my backyard by the way, and I am thankful that I have good places within my home to have shoots at lol.

Now, back to the outfit. I decided to go after a chill ’90s fit so I even tucked in the shirt and added a black belt and all.  My sandals have a ’90s touch to them too since they look pretty grunge to me. Now I have a lot of Summer outfits I’ve been trying to get up on this blog. You all know I love expressing myself on here and I just wanted to demonstrate how I would style this T-shirt.  I’m very proud of my thrift finds and I hope you are too!

As you all can see I had to get Summer ready so I got my nails done, and I chose this cuuuuuute yellow tone. Yellow is really in right now and Im actually excited to show ya’ll my favorite yellow items! So stay tuned and keep an eye out for my blog posts 🙂

Remember just because it’s pride month doesn’t mean one should only be aware, inclusive and supportive on this month. Do it everyday. It doesn’t hurt really.

Bless you all babes. I hope you liked my post! comment, like, subscribe spread the word about my blog.  Please and thank you!

Light-wash, High-waisted jeans : Goodwill

Navy Blue T-Shirt: Goodwill

Floral Button-up: Goodwill

Black Gladiator Sandals : ASOS





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