50’s Inspired


Okay, so I’m officially done with my semester! Junior year at Csulb is doneeeee, and I couldn’t be happier. Im officially on vacation, which means more blog posts coming your way :))

I know I’ve been slacking on the posts but juggling school, work, club meetings and my social life makes it  harder to have photo shoots often buuuuut I’m back now and that’s all that matters 🙂

Alright so let’s jump right into this. So for this outfit I wanted to show off these plaid-like slacks. I bought them at a  thrift store of course haha and I’ve coordinated them in soooo many ways and here’s one of them.

So I ended up pursing a 50’s look and I loved it.  I had to keep it retro so I chose these white chunky open-toe heels that I got for 11 bucks btw lol.

This whole look was a $$ saver. My cropped top was a dollar, and the pants were under 10 bucks lol.

Now, I normally style these pants with a black top. For Valentine’s day I wore a sheer long sleeve body suit with it and that was one of my fav looks. I wanted to change it up a bit sooo I wore this cute purple top.

Honestly, this fit was soo last minute and it turned out to be a really cute, comfortable and Summer ready fit.

Since I wanted to keep the fit retro, I decided to rock some round shades, I know they’re more of the 70’s but it will do.  I wanted to add some culture so I wore my favorite hoops, and as for the bag I wanted to have something small that still matched the idea I was going for. The side purse was a little 80’s but overall it added to the vintage aspect of the outfit.

I honestly hope ya’ll like this outfit, show some love and subscribe to my blog! I promise I will post much more now that I’m on vacation.

Leather Jacket- Gift, so I can’t say where it’s from 😦 But ya can check out my fav (H&M) store for some cute ones.

Slacks: Goodwill

Cropped-top: H&M

Chunky Heels: Forever 21

Lipstick: LAX Colourpop




Photo credit to my friend Alex Chinchilla


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