LA Livin.





tfullsizeoutput_628fullsizeoutput_624fullsizeoutput_61dfullsizeoutput_61f Alright ya’ll I know it’s been a minute since I’ve dropped a blog post! lol As ya’ll can see I switched websites, that’s why I’ve taken so long to drop some new content, But I hope ya’ll like my new site!

For this blog post I wanted to do something different. The majority of my fits are usually casual, and obviously really thrifted. BUT, I wanted to show off my little classy, and chic side! For all my Fashionista/o’s out there I know ya noticed that mesh, and sheer tops are sooooo in right now. Those 90s vibes definitely came back, and I’m feeling it. As ya’ll can see Im wearing this cute assss body suit I got for 3 dollars, lol yessssss 3 bucks.

But any who, I really enjoyed this shoot. Ya know I try my best to have shoots in LA because Im very proud of where I come from so I like to show the beauty of my area.

This outfit was a mixture of multiple key pieces. The combination of the mesh body suit and the mom jeans is probably one of my favs but also a leather skirt would definitely go. When I think mesh jeans, and leather are the type of material that will definitely make it pop. My shoes were also my  fav because they’re so different and retro they also made the outfit pop. One can easily style this type of outfit with black shoes but I wanted to add a little something extra.

Im a lipstick type of chick so I had to add some color to my lips. Of course I wanted to coordinate so, I chose burgundy to match my purse. But a bright red could have easily fit in since as well.

I honestly felt sooo bomb in this fit, and that’s the beauty of fashion, there are some pieces of clothing that contribute to your self-love although there are some that may bring you down. But, if you think you can work it do you my luvs.

Enjoy my cute pix, subscribe to my blog plssss & spread the worddd about it.

Mesh bodysuit: Rue 21                   Long Cardigan: Boohoo          Burgundy Side Purse: Ross 

Mom Jeans: Goodwill                     White Chunky Heels: Forever 21   Lipstick: Colourpop


I have another post coming soon sooo keep an eye out,

much luvvvv,



Photo Cred to Alex Chinchilla Thank youuuu 🙂


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