Williamsburg, Brooklyn

I felt like a “Brooklyn baby,” as I strolled down Williamsburg. As you can see I’m a Lana Del Rey fan and I had to bump this song as I was walking the streets of Brooklyn.

Brooklyn was the second borough I really wanted to visit, and there are several reasons why!

  1.  It felt like I was strolling down Downtown LA. There was plenty of art all over that reminded me of the Art District.
  2.  There were two thrift stores here that I had to visit. For my thrift junkies out there, The Urban Jungle is a must if you visit New York. There are two locations in Brooklyn I believe but I only got to visit one 😦 And you all know I went crazy in there.
  3. I really wanted to take a picture on the steps of the apartments. They’re pretty popular thanks to all the movies I watch that are located in NY. It was fun trying to get a few pictures since I kept watching out for any residents at the apartments.

I wore this cute sundress  for a specific reason. I HATE going shopping in shorts, or jeans because of the dressing room chronicles.  Having a sun dress makes is sooooo easy to try on clothes. I love shopping, but let’s be honest, having to go to the dressing room is a drag especially if you’re in jeans.

So while I was in Brooklyn, I went thrift shopping at The Urban Jungle. Therefore,  I specifically chose this outfit for the occasion.  I was very comfortable as I was shopping, and while trying on all the clothes that I bought. Remember, a fashion junkie always looks cute, even to go shopping. And this outfit is a perfect example of what you call CUTE.

Fun fact for today! This dress is actually from a thrift store as well. At first I thought the red birds were watermelons, but either way I was going to buy it because it caught my attention overall 🙂

Also, one can never say no when it comes to adding another sundress to your wardrobe.

The blue sheer cardigan is originally from Forever 21 but I bought it at Goodwill. Now, I styled the dress with this specific cardigan because since it was a bit warm on this day it being sheer still made it comfortable to wear. The type of blue complemented the color scheme on the dress, and it made the dress stand out even more. Sometimes you don’t have to be too matchy matchy, there are some colors that complement others in which an make your outfit pop.

As for the shoes white was the best color I could have styled it with, but brown sandals can be an exception.  Black wouldn’t have gone in my opinion because of the style and colors of the dress.

White tennis shoes: H&M, Yellow sundress: Thrift store (Savers),  Sheer blue cardigan:Forever 21, but bought @ Goodwill

I hope you liked this outfit and the cool art work my girl Jazmin was able to capture behind me during the photo session 🙂

I have one more New York blog coming up so once again, stay tuned. Thank you 🙂




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