Trying to Blend In









This is one of my favorite fits and blog posts hands down! The more I blog the more happy I am with the outcomes of my photo shoots and fits.

Camo is definitely in style, these pants were a gift and I love them!! I’ve styled them in sooooo many ways because honestly camo is easy to style with.

During this shoot it was a little chilly so I decided to style the pants with this corduroy beige jacket, which belongs to my best friend btw lol

I have a black long sleep cropped-top under it, but like i said i’ve style these pants in sooo many ways like:

  1. dark denim jacket with an oversized long sleeve and black platform boots
  2. you can style them with a sheer body suit or shirt
  3. I’ve styled it with a mesh shirt and a black cropped top alone
  4. a regular jean jacket goes as well
  5. You can wear it with heels, boots, and sneakers

Camo pants are putting if you’re dressing up and/or down!

  • The black cropped top is from H&M
  • Vans, I actually bought them @ the swap meet for $35 bucks, haha ya girl knows how to shop
  • The jacket is from a thrift store, sadly my friend doesn’t know from where though 😦 But if ya on the look out i’m sure you can find something similar.

I hope ya loved this shoot and fit as much as I did, please like comment and share my post & I hope it truly inspired your fit too 🙂

thanks, & much love from,


Photo Cred to Keimon Candler 


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