Sunny In NYC


Just as an FYI I have new content coming soon, but until then I will keep dropping blog posts about my trip so I hope you all stay tuned and enjoy it 🙂

I have yet another thrifted outfit for you guys.  I’m calling this blog post “Sunny in NYC” just because the shirt I’m featuring in this post reminds me a lot of a sunny Summer day.

Besides the fact that I wore this outfit in New York, it can be a perfect sunny day outfit anywhere you go.

While visiting Central Park, Belvedere Castle, The MoMA, bumping into the LOVE statue, trying some delicious NY Pizza and passing through Brooklyn I can honestly say I wore the perfect outfit for these adventures.

The yellow shirt is something new I came across of during a thrift run. I’m usually not a big fan of yellow, but ever since I came across this shirt I find myself wearing the color more often.

This day was one of the hottest days while I was up in the East Coast, so the  high-waisted shorts, and short sleeved button up came in handy.

Tip: Without even trying, my tote kind of complemented the outfit as well. With a tote like that, and an outfit as versatile as this one you can shift the outfit to go with almost any Summer adventure you go on. This combination is simple, easy to pull off and it’s an eye catcher if you ask me.

Take this to the park, The Broad, LACMA, the Venice Boardwalk, or Santa Monica Pier and I guarantee you’ll feel like you wore the right thing.

This literally is a refreshing outfit, it has that  ’90s style all over it  and it’s super cuuuuute.

I’d like to draw your attention to the shirt though, I was really happy when I found it at the thrift store. It stands out regardless of how you style it because of the color. Whether you wear it with black or blue shorts/jeans it’s definitely poppin.

I styled this outfit with a brown belt, and white tennis shoes. I did A LOT of walking, so these shoes were not that comfortable since they’re flat. Some white sneakers can also go with the outfit, either all white Vans or Chucks. These are a good substitution. Any other shoe might shift the style of the outfit so if you go towards that  route, just remove the brown belt 🙂

Let me tell you that Vans or Chucks will have you walking longer than the white tennis shoes I wore. They’re comfortable don’t get me wrong, but not if you’re walking ALL DAY.

Overall, you have to stand out wherever you go. A fashion junkie is never caught slippin. I tried my best to stand out in New York, and I think this shirt helped.

Yellow floral button up shirt: thrift store(Savers),  High-waisted shorts: thrift store Brown belt: Forever 21, White tennis shoes: H&M, Navy blue tote: Ross. 

I hope you are all liking my the details on my outfits, keep an eye out for more. Thank you 🙂

Besos, Mariaaaaaa.

Photo Credit: Jazmin Soberanis


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