Peace & Love from the Bronx

 For my last day/night in New York, I spent it exploring The Bronx.

Every time I hear about the  Bronx, I think  of JLO, so during my trip I also felt like my girl “Jenny from the block.”

While visiting this borough, I passed by The Bronx Zoo, I didn’t go in because I got there during their closing time lol, but I passed by so it still deserves to be mentioned. I went to Little Italy, and passed by multiple paintings like the ones above.

The colorful heart behind me in one the photos Is what they call “The Heart of The Bronx” Both paintings behind me grabbed my attention, from the vibrant colors to the message they portrayed.

So peace and love my people, spread good vibes, be kind, and stay woke.

Since it was my last day, I wanted to keep it simple, but you know me even my simplicity has to be different.

So for these adventures, I once again went all thrifted out.

I like to claim that prints are my thing, so I love finding button ups that are striped, floral, or of any other print  in thrift stores.

Now for the bottoms, high-waisted shorts are my favorite. They represent that ’80s and ’90s style I always like to portray.

So for the last day in the city, I chose to wear them since it was more of a laid back day 🙂

This trip was definitely  one of the greatest things I could have ever experienced! I absolutely fell in love with New York, and I’m happy I captured every moment and outfit. I hope you all  liked my ideal look for the big apple 🙂

Just remember, I will always try to dress up like the ’90s area, so if you ever want someone to guide you towards that style, you can rely on my blog as your guide(:

Black spaghetti strap: Forever 21, 

Teal high waisted-shorts: thrift store,

Plant printed black button up: Savers Thrift store

 Brown braided belt: The Urban Jungle thrift store, 

Pastel yellow shoes: The Urban Jungle Thrift store,

Now this is a wrap for my New York look book, Once again I hope you enjoyed it!

And stay tuned for the rest of my summer blogs 🙂 Thank you.

Besos! Mariaaaaaa.

-Photo Credit: Jazmin Soberanis


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