“Ooo Vintage Pt. 2”

    Every time I go thrift shopping I try to look for the best button ups I can find. For this blog post, I had to show off one of my favorite thrift finds! I like to consider myself a legit thrift shopper, so using my discretion I wasn’t going to leave this thrift find behind!

What caught my eye the most about this shirt were the colors. This shirt reminds me a lot of the ’80s. That era was so flamboyant because bright colors were sooooo in.

For a shirt like this, I went for a darker look for the bottoms since you have to have a balance sometimes within your outfit. I tried the shirt on with blue jeans, it still looks really cute, but the black jeans make the shirt pop!

Black distressed denim also looks really dope with this shirt, I have worn both distressed and non-distressed jeans so I recommend both for a shirt that’s bright like this.

As for shoes,  there are several options. Since the shirt is vintage, shoes inspired by the ’80s and ’90s era would so go! For example, I am wearing black oxford like shoes, but black boots go with this shirt too (in my preference Dr. Martens). Black platform sandals also go whether they’re open toe or not they both go! For a more causal look, I would also play around with this outfit and try on some black and white high top vans, but that’s just a suggestion. Lastly, some black Creepers also match this fit.

For accessories I chose to wear a black choker, a watch and clear shades just because they’re vintage inspired accessories too!  If your outfit is inspired by a specific era it’s also good to keep the accessories from that range too.

I was really excited to share this thrift find with you all! I hope you liked the way I styled this shirt and stay tuned, I have a lot more thrift finds to post! Thank you

Button up: Jet Rag Thrift Store

-High waist skinny jeans: Forever 21

-Black shoes: Call It Spring

-Choker: Amazon

-Shades: Rodium Swapmeet 

-Lipstick: Colour Pop Teeny Tiny 

Much love,

Maria xoxo


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