Distressed Denim is the Best Denim

  I know summer is officially over which means we get to bring out our distressed denim, boots, turtle necks, knit sweaters and scarfs. This blog is a kiss good-bye to summer! One thing I hate wearing in the summer, are jeans. Especially with LA weather, once it’s hot the last thing you want to wear are jeans, at least for me! So as summer was leaving, the weather was definitely changing and cooling down a bit. A cool sunny day is perfect for denim, especially distressed denim.

As a fashionista one should notice that styles always come back, whether they’re tweaked a bit or not  they always return. I have noticed that distressed denim is in right now. I know my jeans aren’t that distressed but I do love really ripped up jeans!

Distressed denim wasn’t the only thing that came back this season. As you can see I am wearing a black choker necklace as an accessory, and that was popping in the ’90s. What I like about chokers is that there are different kinds. My favorite one is the lace design choker, but here I am wearing a black velvet choker. There are also chokers that have little medallions or rhinestones hanging off of them too!

Now, for my shirt. I am wearing a grey slit shirt. You can style these type of shirts in two ways.

1. you can tie the front up like I did, or 2. just leave it down.

But my preference was to tie it since I was wearing boyfriend jeans, if I had skinny jeans on than I would have left the shirt loose.

Last but not least, I wore platform sandals with this outfit because platforms are my favorite! For a more relaxed fit like this one, platforms sandals are a good way to go. But if I were to change this outfit to pump it up a bit I would change the shoes. Open toe booties, or platform booties are a good replacement, and then I’d add a black leather jacket. That’s so Chic!

-Grey slit shirt: H&M

-Blue Boyfriend jeans: Old Navy

-Black platform sandals: H&M

-Black velvet choker: Amazon

-Clear shades: Rodium Swapmeet 

I hope you all liked my post! I have another outfit coming soon so stay tuned.

much love,

Maria xoxo

Photo Credit: Jocelyne Reyes


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