Caught Slippin’

One of my favorite basic fits involves high-waisted jeans. These jeans are my pride and joy. I have several high-waisted jeans but these are just my favorite. I like that they’re old school Tommy Jeans, because jeans like these are hard to find! So if you ever come across  jeans like these pray that they fit because they’re unique!

For this photoshoot, a friend and I explored spots on 2nd Street in Long Beach.

We came across this really cute coffee shop called Polly’s Gourmet Coffee that I suggest ya’ll to check out. It’s very cute, and quite comfortable. So if you want a new place to take pictures at for the gram I say go. 🙂

The purpose for this post:

I honestly just wanted to show how I would put these pieces together. I am wearing a Caught Slipping shirt that belongs to my friend’s clothing line, with the jeans of course, a bomber jacket, and my high top vans.

This fit is a bit ’90s and ya’ll already know how I feel about that era lol

For high-waist jeans, they’re so easy to dress up or down just like any other jean. I love wearing these with platforms, or booties. As for shirts Hawaiian shirts are always a good way to go or anything floral. To stay on the retro side cropped tops also go, so to striped shirts, or even striped cropped tops. You have to love jeans because they can be worn in so many ways!

Now, this bomber jacket is unique. Let me tell you I found this jacket in New York. I’m also very proud of this find. I know it’s been a little warm lately but it seems to me like bomber jackets are still trending, they may come and go since this weather doesn’t seem to make up it’s mind, but It is something I see that will still stay around as soon as the weather cools down.

I’m honestly not the type to only shop in one area. If I find something that’s really dope, or cute best believe I’m going to purchase it. One has to know how to shop though, so always be alert.

This fit is a perfect example of how to chase after a ’90s outfit and not regret on spending.

Jeans: Thrift Store


Windbreaker: L Train Village thrift store

Vans: Rodium Open Air Market 

White Socks: Kmart 

Now,  I know I’ve been a little dry with these posts, but ya’ll know I will always try my best to drop something. Never leave this sight because the best things happen unexpectedly.  I hope you liked this simple post! It’s one of my favorite basics and I just wanted to share it with you all.

I want to say thanks to my photographer for this post! This shirt belongs to his clothing line so definitely check it out as well as his photography! #CPKVisuals Again, I hope you liked this post and have a great weekend 🙂 Thank You!





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