Brown & Beautiful

As I’m looking at these photos I can’t help but admit that I truly enjoy embracing my brown skin, and body.

As I’m looking at my brown skin I can’t help but love the fact that I am Latina.

As I write this, I can’t stress enough how important it is to be comfortable in your body.

I know I whine here and there about my body, and how much I hate working out. But then again I put my mind at peace by reminding myself that we’re not all meant to have the same body type.

Working out is good don’t get me wrong, and it’s essential to keep your body moving for health purposes. I have come in peace with my weight and size but I’ve also come to the conclusion that I will work out not to change my body or adjust  it because society tells me to do so but to do it because I want to live a healthy lifestyle.

Sadly, us girls are usually never content with our bodies, and even if we say we are we continue to adjust it and hide certain features such as stretch marks, extra skin, our arms, or tummies. It takes time to truly love yourself and it seems like learning to love your body is a never ending process.

I may be comfortable with mine but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t times where I bounce back and fourth hating it. It’s a love/hate thing.

Luckily for me, my love for fashion has gotten me to love my body.

I thank my bravery for allowing me to feel good when I wear cropped tops even though I don’t have a flat tummy.

I thank my bravery for allowing me to wear tight clothing because I feel good/sexy in it even though I have a tummy.

I do admit I sometimes hate shopping for jeans and shorts because I always struggle to find the jeans I ACTUALLY WANT IN MY SIZE. I hate that I am a different size in every other store and It does get annoying but then again I thank my genes because I’m curvy and I love it.

Honestly, chasing after the 90s look was and has been a little hard. It’s hard to find mom jeans that fit me, and when they do I feel like I hit jackpot lol.

Sometimes I question myself whether I should continue chasing after this look just because of my body, but no look should belong to a certain body type and that’s why I will always wear what I feel good in because nothing or no one will ever stop me.

Sooo don’t allow someone to misdirect you when it comes to YOUR body and your fashion.

I know this blog post is a little different from the usual, but I just wanted to spread a little self-love, especially now more than ever. Keep that head up my loves.

& I hope you enjoyed the pictures of a modern grandma..

It’s been really cold, so I decided to bring out the turtle necks! They will always be my fav for fall and winter!

Of course, ya’ll know me already, I always have to throw some thrift finds into my outfit!

Black turtleneck: Forever 21

Mom jeans: Savers Thrift Store

Vest: Goodwill

Dr. Martens: Red Zone in Downtown LA

I hope you enjoyed,

Much love from a young Latina.


Pictures taken by Keimon Candler 🙂


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