“Pretty In Pink” In NYC

 I know I have been M.I.A with my blog, but truth is I’ve been preparing for this! I came to the beautiful Big Apple with my friends, and here I am having a session in the City.

We spent a day in Manhattan. Passed through Broadway, Bryant Park, NBC Studios, Time Square, Wall Street and ended our day in Washington Heights. I’m big on embracing the Latino culture, so Washington Heights was my favorite.

I’m trying my best to having a photo shoot each day I am here because coordinating the right outfit for each day is very important!

As I was packing for the city, I decided to stick with the ’90s theme. So for my first outfit I wore these high-waisted jean shorts, a pastel pink halter cropped top, a grey knitted vest, and vans.

I decided to wear this outfit because it was sooooo comfortable, and refreshing to be in since it got pretty warm throughout the day.  New York requires A LOT OF WALKING. So being comfortable is essential. This outfit was definitely a cute one, and it kept me comfortable. So remember take good shoes if you go to New York. There are always ways to look cute and still feel good.

I know you can tell that I switched off throughout my photos. I started off with a black cardigan because it was really cool in the morning.

I wore a black cardigan because it still complemented the outfit and it helped out with the weather condition. and you know cardigans are always cool.

I felt very free in this outfit. It doesn’t require wearing a bra and I know society can be a little harsh on ladies who don’t wear them but honestly. One shouldn’t care. I sure didn’t. Even if a shirt requires one or not, go for it be free for a day or two.

I was all about self love when it came to this outfit. From wearing a cropped top to not wearing a bra under, all day out in the open I was loving myself. And so should you when it comes to wearing something you really want to wear.

My shorts, are actually mom jeans from old navy that I cut into shorts. I do that to most of the jeans I find at thrift stores. It’s the best way to get the retro look going.

I added the vest because it made the outfit look vintage. This outfit goes with white shoes as well, either white chucks, vans, tennis shoes, platforms, and oxfords.

I always mention the same type of shoe because these shoes are what are considered popular in the 80s and 90s era.

I did mention in my last blog post that I was going to wear thrifted clothes in my next and mention my key spots so here they are.

– Goodwill

– Out of the Closet (Long Beach)

– Assistance League Thrift Store ( On 4th Street in Long Beach)


Pink halter top: H&M, Jean shorts: Thrift Store, Vest: Thrift store, Shoes: Vans Classic high tops, Pink socks: H&M

 I look forward to blogging more for you guys, especially on my trip! This is just a taste of what I plan to post so stay tuned if you like it!

Besos, Maria.

Photo Credit: Jazmin Soberanis & Maria Jerezano



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