Backyard Vibes

This weeks outfit was taken in my backyard lol.  I wasn’t big on a location this week, because I wanted to emphasize on the skirt and the way I’d style it

I styled this suede button-down  black skirt, with a grey long sleeve cropped top. Like I’ve mentioned before my favorite style is the ’90s era so I went for the grunge colors.

I wore a plum colored lipstick and it’s actually called Potion from Anatasia.

I highly recommend it. Also, when it comes to a grunge look, the dark lips are the key.

I wore burgundy combat boots, with black knee high socks but I folded them down.

I’ve worn this outfit to school, it’s simple yet so cute that it can be worn to many occasions. So the outfit is really versatile.

Whether you have a girls night out or not it can be worn.

Want to hit a party? throw on some black platforms like I’ve worn in my previous posts or black heeled booties. And  this outfit can turn into kickback or party attire.

The skirt is definitely in style right now.  It is also recycled fashion because it was big in the ’90s and 70’s  as well. I’ve seen it in denim, brown, beige, and black of course. I know there are other colors but these are the most popular ones I’ve come across of.

The black skirt is so easy to style because of the color, it’s very standard. I’ve worn this skirt with a plain grey shirt and I tucked it in, that outfit was accompanied by brown heeled booties.

Items that also go with this black skirt: jean jackets, white plain shirt, light grey skirts, or cropped tops whether it’s short sleeve or thin strap.  Shoes: White platforms, maybe oxfords, booties (ankle boots),combat boots.

Lastly, this skirt can also be worn with a boho style. But that would be a completely different post since it’s a different decade. Just real quick a boho outfit would be the denim, brown, beige or a mustard colored skirt.

Cropped Top: Cotton Candy label, Black button-down skirt: H&M, Burgundy combat boots: H&M, Black knee high socks, Forever 21.

I hope you liked this post and keep supporting it! thank you 🙂

Photo Credit : Jazmin Soberanis


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