A case of the Baby Bluesssss

Happy August luvs, It's a new month and ya girl has two blog posts for ya. ❤ I recently came across the idea of doing a series of #Babybluelooks. I posted a bunch of Baby Blue Looks from celebrities on a story on my IG a couple weeks ago, and  those looks served as an … Continue reading A case of the Baby Bluesssss

A Beach Babe

Hello loves, I finally got to do a photoshoot at the  beach for my blog!! Overall, I'm so content with the outcome and I hope you loved it as much as I did. For the first shoot, I'd say it was bomb lol. So now to get too it ! vvvvv This blog post is for … Continue reading A Beach Babe

Spring Baby

Welcome to my birthday month ya'll lol, Today is actually my birthday, and I wanted to kickstart this weekend with a blog post! It's officially Spring so here's a cute spring fit for you alll 🙂 I know it's been months since I've blogged, 😦 but since it's my last year in my Undergrad,  I've … Continue reading Spring Baby

Glossy Pink

Welcome to 2018 loves. This year shall be great for blogging. As I mentioned before it's difficult to keep up with a blog when you have a million things on your plate, but just know I will always drop a post here and there! So I hope to not lose ya'll. I'm starting off the … Continue reading Glossy Pink

Night Life

  Happy Monday luvs! I hope everyone had a lovely labor day weekend, or should I say #BeyDay because it's the Queen's birthday!! lol Let me start off this blog by shouting out Jaqueline Peña, we had our first photo shoot together and she suggested a street style outfit so here you have a #Denimondenim … Continue reading Night Life

Match with me.

School is back in session for me, but Summer isn't over just yet.  Since I am on that note for those who resumed classes, welcome back! I'm sure we're all not that excited for school lol, Summer was GREAT to me and I hope it was great for you all too! Now, I had some … Continue reading Match with me.

So Carefree

I REALLY hope my girls influenced your fit of the day. I also hope you enjoyed my pictures. Just remember to be conscious about what you wear and where it originated from. Soooo stay woke my peoples! Especially when it comes to clothing, if you know what I mean.  I know I wrote way less … Continue reading So Carefree


Hello luvs, Summer is approaching, the weather is getting warmer and I am ready to show some skin lol.  So here the beginning of the Summer Fits I plan on wearing. Just a little reminder, I luv to have photoshoots in my neighborhood. I luv showing ya'll the hidden gems of South Central.  This green … Continue reading Polka-Dot

Happy June!

Hello loves, It's June already and that means two things! Well three actually. It's vacationnnnn at least for the students lol Summer is around the corner, ( My fav season) It's Pride month. For those that aren't fully aware Pride month is to celebrate the LGBTQ community! So be inclusive & get aware lovesss. For … Continue reading Happy June!

50’s Inspired

Okay, so I'm officially done with my semester! Junior year at Csulb is doneeeee, and I couldn't be happier. Im officially on vacation, which means more blog posts coming your way :)) I know I've been slacking on the posts but juggling school, work, club meetings and my social life makes it  harder to have … Continue reading 50’s Inspired

LA Livin.

t Alright ya'll I know it's been a minute since I've dropped a blog post! lol As ya'll can see I switched websites, that's why I've taken so long to drop some new content, But I hope ya'll like my new site! For this blog post I wanted to do something different. The majority of my … Continue reading LA Livin.

Trying to Blend In

  This is one of my favorite fits and blog posts hands down! The more I blog the more happy I am with the outcomes of my photo shoots and fits. Camo is definitely in style, these pants were a gift and I love them!! I’ve styled them in sooooo many ways because honestly camo … Continue reading Trying to Blend In

Brown & Beautiful

As I'm looking at these photos I can't help but admit that I truly enjoy embracing my brown skin, and body. As I'm looking at my brown skin I can't help but love the fact that I am Latina. As I write this, I can't stress enough how important it is to be comfortable in … Continue reading Brown & Beautiful